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EurekaHACKS is an annual 12-hour hackathon hosted at Abbey Park High School in Oakville, Canada. It is one of the largest high school hackathons in Halton. Last year, our exciting event featured workshops, fun activities, and over $5,000 worth of prizes! We're committed to inspiring students of all skill levels to put their creativity and knowledge into practice by building something awesome.

NOTE: Registering on Devpost does not give you access to the event, you must have registered though our website and RSVP'd in order to attend.

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Adam Selim

Adam Selim

David Lim

David Lim

Judging Criteria

  • Originality
    Is the project new or unique?
  • Technical Ability
    How technically complex is the project?
  • Design
    Does the project consider user experience?
  • WOW Factor
    Does the project stand out?
  • Completeness
    Does the project fully function as intended?

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